Baby Bo’s Cantina

Boy, are we at the border between Texas and Mexico here or what? The crazy colored lights, crosses, red glow and Día de los Muertos mural match an authentic Mexican restaurant down South. This place is very easy to miss (a little grungy on the outside), and there is no reason you’d ever think to pop in. ¡ Pero Ay Dios Mio! That BBQ duck burrito is incredible. The sweet sauce pairs perfectly with the tender duck and pineapple pico and it’s not overwhelming like you might think. Baby Bo’s is a  great place for happy hour, delivery and take-out.  They will even treat you to some good ‘ole guacamole at the bar while waiting for your take-out order. Prices are pretty low and average around $10. Come here for some grub and margs when you need that Tex-Mex fix, but no need to spend your night on the town here.

***Tip: Monday nights are $5 margaritas


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  • Their Venice Burrito (with Beef) is fantastic. I used to eat here twice a week when I lived down the block. Now I live far away, but still stop by there at least once a month. So gooooooooooood.

    I also recommend their Chipotle Enchiladas. They have an amazing chipotle sauce.

    • Thanks for the additional recs! I know its not the same, but if you are desperate you could try Blockhead’s/Benny’s Burritos when not close to Baby Bo’s. They have locations all over the city. Also, Dos Toros is a San Francisco taco/burrito joint that’s supposed to be great. I haven’t made it there yet!

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