Billy’s Bakery

Billy’s Bakery is among one of the popular bakeries expanding throughout the city. It’s so bright and colorful inside you can almost hear Cinderella singing and birds chirping. The cupcakes are similar in size to Magnolia Bakery, the famed cupcakery due to the Sex and the City TV series. However, Billy’s blows them out of the water with a softer cake and less confectioners, fake tasting icing. Although Billy’s is still a tad too sweet and lacks the creative flavors Little Cupcake Bakeshop offers, it’s a standard cupcake and a tasty fix. On the other hand, the made-to-order cakes are beautiful, and I definitely recommend these for birthdays or office parties (banana is always exciting and a hit). I also love the gooey Hello Dollies that ooze with melted chocolate, and they are the main reason you should  pop-in to Billy’s. The smiling staff, sweet smells and popular bakery is a great downtown, neighborhood stop!

***Locations: Chelsea: 21st St. and 9th Ave;  Tribeca: Franklin and Church.

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  • One time I had the worst day at work (in the Financial District) and wondered into Billy’s at 9 PM instead of throwing myself on the tracks of the 6 train. The whole place was brightly lit, filled with the colors of cupcakes, and the staff had the Grease soundtrack playing from the back. It was the best medicine. I ate an enormous piece of icebox cake all by myself while Danny and Sandy fell in love.

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