Cafe Cluny

Cafe Cluny is a quaint little corner cafe in the West Village surrounded by peaceful cobblestone streets. Be sure to snag a seat near the window so you can look onto one of the most calm and refreshing streets in the city. The restaurant is composed of black wicker chairs, framed sketches and a French-style staff wearing white and blue striped shirts. The brunch menu is simple and standard, and the french toast is one that has crawled to the top of my list right behind Blue Ribbon Bakery, August and Jane. Cafe Cluny is warm, classic and a perfect place to catch-up with friends over a nice cup of coffee. It makes falling in love with New York City all over again SO easy! People hang around outside the lovely space, so it looks like the wait is long. However, there is an additional room in the back, so if there is a wait, it moves fast. Shouldn’t be a wait for 2.



  • Good question! Clinton St was what made me fall in love with french toast. The last few times I’ve been I’ve had the infamous pancakes thought. Looks like I’ll have to go back and see!

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