ChekMates – A Dinner Date at Mezetto For You!

We are starting an exciting, new dating “game” (if you will) because who doesn’t like the idea of winning a free dinner, a fun set up with other food lovers and a chance to be able to write a review on Chekmark Eats about the food for the very first time. Right?

That’s why today I bring you… ChekMates.

You could win a COMPLIMENTARY dinner at the Lower East Side Mediterranean restaurant Mezetto and a memorable date with the handsome, Sam Nidel. Sam owns and runs the The Commons Chelsea – I mean have you had his avocado toast???

To enter, ladies describe what you would eat if it were your last meal on earth. Email me at or comment in the comments section directly on this post.  The winner who gets the pleasure of Sam’s company and a wonderful meal (free!) at Mezetto will be announced next Monday, June 30.


A few fun facts about Sam:

  • He’s 27 and lives in Chelsea ( Chelsea is clearly where his heart is at)
  • Favorite Restaurant: Perla (one of mine too!)
  • What Does He Cook Best: Paella – um seriously?
  • Favorite Drink: Roja
  • Favorite Vacation: Jamaica
  • From Great Neck, New York
  • Went to Wisconsin – Go Badgers!

Who wants to be the first ChekMate!?


  • A whole pizza. Brick oven style with bubbly crust. Mushrooms, caramelized onions, Brussel sprouts, butternut squash, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, freshly ground salt & pepper and lots of basil. And Levain (b/c they are the best!!) chocolate chip walnut cookies for dessert:)

  • And the winner is Amanda S. who submitted via email. Stay tuned for the post about how the date went at Mezetto!

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