Fedora is the newest restaurant from Gabriel Stulman’s laid-back and easy-going West Village empire (Joseph Leonard and Jeffery’s Grocery). It offers a great local vibe and a stronger nightlife/bar scene than the other two restos; so definitely choose this one for dinner. However, the music is loud and the bar gets crowded making it hard to hear the person you are dining with. The low ceilings, black leather booths and dim lighting create an enjoyable, low-key yet intimate evening. The best part about the tight space is the opportunity to banter and chat with your neighbors. Hey, you might even pick up a phone number or two!  I love the staff at all of Stulman’s places –they are always friendly and super quirky. The menu is eclectic and very rich in flavor. Skip the hush puppies and entrees and share a bunch of appetizers.  The shrimp dumplings are light and sweet, and if my eyes had been closed, I would have thought I was dining in an Asian palace. Step on into Fedora for an after dinner drink, late dinner (serving until 2 a.m.) or at least just for those awesome complimentary peanut butter chocolate rice krispies treats bestowed upon you with your check! Oh, and don’t you dare leave without ordering that ice cream sandwich. It is cut perfectly in half so you can love all over it with the entire table!


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