Gwynnett St. (CLOSED)




Gwynnett St. Location: Williamsburg. Brooklyn. Graham and Ainslie. Scene: Calm. Relaxed. Low Lighting. Food: Beef and Barley. Snails. Chicken Liver. Cod. Duck. Lamb.

Chek Recs:

  1. Whiskey Soda Bread with Cultured Butter (1st pic)
  2. Chicken: Rutabega, Shallots, Pineapple and Clove (2nd pic)
  3. Ocean Trout: Seaweed, Salsify, Horseradish and Beets (3rd pic)

New York Times restaurant critic, Pete Wells, proudly named Gwynnett St. one of the 12 best new restaurants of 2012. This Brooklyn spot has a glow to it with dark brown hughes, dim lighting and brick walls. As you enter, the high-top cocktail tables and calm bar are the first to greet you which can be easy to grab as a walk-in table. The back of the restaurant feels separated and provides an atmosphere for a more serious meal with spread out tables and a a beautiful blue wall backdrop. You may scoff at the idea of paying for bread; however, get over yourself and order that Whiskey Bread. You get at least 8-10 pieces of this fluffy guy, and it’s similar to the texture of banana or zucchini bread in the way that the outer edges are crisp and crumbly and the center is soft, moist and buttery. This bread disappears in seconds and it’s only $5.00, so no need to complain. Beware that the portions are smaller making this a place where you might want to share a couple plates instead of just getting one entree per person if you are pretty hungry.

The presentation is very detailed, and you can tell the chef has spent a lot of time preparing the “artwork” and plating of the ingredients. The Chicken is a white breast and sliced delicately into separate pieces decorating the plate.  The skin is left on the top portion of the meat and gives off a smoky flavor similar to BBQ with each bite. It’s extremely tender. The Trout itself is nothing out of this world or very memorable. It tastes like most trouts I’ve had and didn’t blow me away. The only reason I say it like this is since it was recognized by the New York Times, I’d figure that it’d be a jaw dropping seafood dish. I did love all of the ingredients paired with it and the Salsify was the main standout on this plate- sweet and a little crisp.  I even tasted a friend’s Cod with Egg Yolk and Potato Leeks to see if trout just wasn’t my thing that night, but I still felt nothing. Gwynnett St.’s vibe and quality service is very wholesome and the restaurant really comes full circle. It’s an easy place to check out on a weekend night for a last minute plan, especially when Fette Sau and St. Anselm are overflowing down the street. Come here to check out a few dishes with some friends or for a date one night when you want an easy-going, nice meal. Sit up in the front for a more casual night out.



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