Hearth is very impressive because it is not an over-the-top, white table cloth bore, but its service is incredibly fine and up-to-par with any four-star establishment. It’s not stuffy or too fancy, and you can tell each dish is thoughtfully handled with care, dedication and fresh ingredients. The brick walls covered with brass pans and red accent parallels with the name and creates a cozy, at-home experience. These people know how to entertain, delight and warm up your stomach. We shared everything, and the kitchen was more than happy and willing to split the food onto different plates which is regularly forbidden at certain restaurants- especially when its fish stew! The warm vegetable salad was ideal on a cold night, and the pumpkin seeds with ricotta that lined the bowl made the dish taste like pumpkin pie- minus thousands of calories and sugar. I loved the Cacciucco (which is basically a bouillabaisse). The seafood was so tender I could cut it with the edge of my spoon. The gnocchi was just flat out silly! These fluffy little pillows melt in your mouth and tasted like pure butter. Be careful with this one y’all! You can always count on Hearth to please your tastebuds and provide you with a fantastic experience without any huffle puffle or unnecessary drama. It’s not your typical East Village joint and not too hard to get a last minute reservation. Hearth is here to take care of you and provide you with the culinary pleasure that you deserve!