New Fortune Chinese Seafood Restaurant

There’s nothing better than when a restaurant transports you to a far away place. I drove up north to New Fortune for Saturday dim sum and as soon as we walked into the gigantic ballroom full of dim sum carts, a buffet table, and crowds overflowing at all the tables, we were immediately in Hong Kong and not Austin. One thing I love about restaurant life is how they can make you feel. It’s not just about the food. If you can reap a different experience at every restaurant and it not feel like you’ve been there before and seen the same menu, then they have done their duty for me. I have not been to any restaurants like this in Austin, and the only dim sum I have had is at Wu Chow sans carts just similar menu items.

As we walked into the dining room, I felt super exposed because it’s so gigantic and everyone looked up as we strolled down the center aisle to our table for two that ended up overflowing with plates because we couldn’t say no. We started with the Shrimp and Pork Dumpling which bathes in an incredible soy sauce combination. It’s fluffy, pillowy, and probably my favorite thing we had besides the Crystal Scallop Dumpling which is basically shumai. Luckily (or unluckily), my dining companion wasn’t into these, so I got to eat all four. The Steamed Peking Duck Buns were out of this world and something new and fun that I hadn’t had before. It’s possible I liked these more than pork buns. The Chinese Broccoli is a good way to get some health and greens in between dumpling bites, so I recommend this as well. We also had a banana leaf wrapped rice and chicken dish with egg yolk.

We passed on the fried cart because when there are two of you and you already have six dishes, there just isn’t room. They have Deep Fried Mince Meat Turnover,  Fried Sesame Balls, Baked Golden Egg Custard, Pan Fried Taro Corn Cake, Pan Fried Chicken Bun, etc. The Shanghai Soup Dumplings are itty bitty compared to ones I’ve had in NYC that I can barely fit in my mouth. However, they are still good and it made it easier for slurping. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake we did, and not notice the buffet table on the right hand side when you walk in. As soon as we had cleared our dim sum cart plates, we noticed these guys over there in the corner. Here they offer heftier noodle plates, scallion pancakes (kind of tasted like tortillas actually), and the Pan Fried Basil Chicken Dumpling which you must order.

I highly recommend driving up to New Fortune in Chinatown Center for their Hong Kong  $7.50 lunch specials and dim sum during the week lunch hours or on the weekends. Can’t wait to come in for dinner for the live lobster and crab! FYI Closed on Mondays.



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