Shake Shack at Madison Square Park

If you’ve ever heard talk about “that awesome burger place in New York City that always has a loooong line,” it is about Danny Meyer’s Shake Shack. People go nuts over these burgers that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Truly, there is nothing too fancy about these little guys, and it’s just the pure simplicity that keeps people coming back. The potato bun is soft, toasted in butter and never soggy while the meat is tender and cooked medium –unless otherwise requested. Medium rare fans, do not worry it works! The crinkled fries take you back to your elementary school cafeteria days, and the shakes and frozen custard concretes are divine! You can choose from already crafted concretes or create your own with toppings such as: chocolate toffee, chocolate truffle cookie dough and hot caramel sauce.  The line may look overwhelming at times, but once you order, your buzzer erupts immediately. The fact that Shake Shack is located in a beautiful green park full of trees, grass and art in the middle of bustling Manhattan, makes this an unforgettable experience!

***Tip: There is a shorter “B-Line” for those just ordering custards and concretes (not shakes though). Be sure to check out the custard flavors of the day which rotate monthly. Chekmark Eats favorites have included: Red Velvet and PB&J.

***Additional Locations: Six in New York City (Grand Central Station and Brooklyn coming soon)! Also in Miami, DC, CT, Dubai and Kuwait.


  • Alex I need some of your insider information about how to not have to wait in the gigantic line. My office was right around the corner this summer but made lunch trips impossible because of the wait 🙁

  • My best advice is to go when it’s raining or midday maybe like 3 or 4 because the line is shorter OR in the past they have offered winter call-in orders. You can place your order via phone and then go pick it up without having to wait in line. The phone number is (212) 889-6600. Not sure if they will do it again this year!

  • Awesome, thanks a lot.

    And Frannyp, yes, they do have a veggie burger. I think it’s a deep fried mushroom stuffed with cheese. I only know this because a friend of mine recently insisted on entering into a debate (that I was having with some others) as to which of the three were better: shake shack, five guys, or in and out. Knowing she was a vegetarian I asked her how she thought she could adequately participate in this debate, and she responded that the vegetarian option at Shake Shack was awesome and therefore it was the best. While I don’t believe this is adequate grounds on which to participate in the aforementioned debate, it is an example of vegetarian praise for shake shack.

    P.S. Alex – sorry to answer your other reader’s question, but felt this was good info to share.

  • I feel the need to provide a little more detail about the “veggie” burger mentioned above (Alex, I also think you need to revise your Chek Recs to include this!!)… This AMMMAZING fried mushroom — filled with two kinds of DELICIOUS melted cheese — makes Shake Shack the number one when compared to both Five Guys and In and Out.

    Most importanly, I am no vegetarian. A little known fact is that you can add this cheesy mushroom deliciousness to a single or double hamburger. So you get cheese in the mushroom and cheese on the meat. Both of them come together to make heaven in your mouth (with a side of heart attack). I highly recommend it! Especially paired with the Peanut Butter milkshake that Shake Shack serves during baseball games at the Nats stadium in Washington, DC.

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