The John Dory Oyster Bar

FINALLY! The unbelievable seafood joint I’ve been searching for. After the amazing service, over-the-top quality seafood and quirky design, I will definitely succumb to the usual hour wait for this experience again and again. Heck, I’m so jazzed about this place I might convince myself to make a res for the new Chef’s Table –a set seven-course dinner costing $100 a head for a group of 8-12 people… well one day. The bar is truly beautiful and cool with the “under the sea” theme -not tacky. I mean how many other restaurants have huge “snow-globe” looking lights with real fish swimming around inside? We loved all of our dishes, and I would try anything on that menu and be confident it would be awesome. This restaurant bar is perfect for any occasion whether you want to share apps and socialize with co-workers or go for a fun, memorable date. All I know is there is something fishy going on here…and I LOVE it!

***Be sure to check out the hipster and trendy lobby bar at the Ace Hotel next door.

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  • We did the Kitchen Table meal last week. Do it. You probably spent more on your meal in the main room of the restaurant than you would by spending $100 for the kitchen table meal. The food keeps on coming. The wine pairing is well worth it, as well.

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