The Redhead

Stop stalling and run to this cozy bar-like restaurant The Redhead ASAP! You might overlook The Redhead as it’s subtle facade and short, simple Southern menu can make it easy to skip. However, the execution of these dishes are incredible and extremely authentic! As soon as the flavorful and meaty Roasted Duck Gumbo smashed against my taste buds, all I could think was, “I hope they deliver!” The Oyster Pot Pie is unique, made-to-order and even loved by oyster scaredy-cats. These warm and hearty dishes are perfect for winter and fun to share. It’s a bit loud and can be a wait, but the crowdedness and basement feel creates a great laid-back mood. The complimentary sweet + salty chocolate mocha cookies will have you coming back in no time! My only regret is that I didn’t get here sooner!

***Surprise: Special breakfast for dinner menu on Sunday’s!

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