August. Location: West Village. Bleecker & Charles St. Scene: Back Garden. Comfy. Food: Asparagus and Ramp Frittata. Braised Pork Belly with Scrambled Eggs. Corn Bread Pudding with Blueberry Gelato.

Chek Recs:

  1. Toad in a Hole: Brioche. Lox. Poached Eggs (above).
  2. Challah Bread French Toast: Strawberry Compote. Maple Syrup. Toasted Almonds.

When you walk into August, the combination of the arched cork ceiling and the European-style painted walls immediately makes you feel cozy and calm. The décor is so elegant and unusual that it distracts you from even noticing the back garden with outdoor seating. Although glass covers the top, the sunlight shines through as if you are inside a real greenhouse. The wood-burning oven by the bar is the master behind the wood oven baked eggs and pizzas (served at dinner). The staff is overly friendly, and the food is hearty and filling. The toad in the hole and french toast hit the spot and also looked the best compared to everyone else’s dishes (hence all the eyes staring down our plates…yes!) The non-bustling and quiet nature of the restaurant creates a very pleasing and peaceful atmosphere. This makes it a “safe” place to take anyone- especially those trying to avoid tourists and loud groups. Go here for a romantic experience or to hide from those wild New Yorkers whose outfits and behaviors make you say the famous phrase “only in New York.” 


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