Barrio 47

Barrio 47 is a new European-style West Village spot with high-top, white marble tables and an open kitchen with a wood-burning oven. The Latin-inspired small plates mixed with the Spanish daiquiris, sangria and wine list provides for a long, drawn out yet relaxing dinner. Make sure to try their signature flatbread appetizers which can feed at least four people. The Smoked Salmon option and quality of the fish is very fresh, and it reminded me of a fantastic brunch dish. The bread itself is very unique and tastes more like fluffy matzah than an average flatbread. The best way to order here is to go for the appetizers and make it more of a tasting than a heavy meal. This way you can try a little bit of everything while wining and dining. Even though I am a big fan of brussels sprouts and food served in iron skillets, these veggies did not shine and are pretty bland here. I also didn’t received my dish until about eight minutes after the rest of the party which was pretty ironic and a little awkward; but hey, they are trying to resemble Spain here, right? Overall, I think Barrio 47 is a perfect destination to bring a big group looking to have a nice progressive meal that’s not too rich or over-the-top. The cocktail presentations are fantastic as well- cheers!


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