Best Black & White Cookies in New York City

THE Black & White Cookie. What is it? It’s a a sponge-like, cake-like cookie with chocolate icing on one half and vanilla icing on the other. Or watch what Jerry Seinfeld thinks here. With thousands of these cookies stocked at every corner deli, where can you get the best one? Luckily, the two best stores offering these have multiple locations downtown, midtown and uptown.

Chek Recs:

  1. Pick-A-Bagel – believe it or not this bagel shop offers the best. This is the softest, gooeyest one you’ll ever find. It’s also flatter/thinner than most, and there is an equal proportion of the icing to the cookie.
  2. Crumbs Bakeshop – Although they are known for their cupcakes, Crumbs offers two great styles of B&W cookies. One with their thick, cupcake-style icing and one with the more traditional icing (seen above) like Pick-A-Bagel’s and the rest of the city. The cookie itself is thicker and a little drier like cake. Go for the cupcake style when you can’t pick between a cookie and a cupcake or if you’re just obsessed with icing.

***Don’t settle for the pre-wrapped, Manhattan mass-produced Black & White…just don’t. Several may even fool you with a hint of lemon flavored cookie…ehh pass.

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