The Bowery Diner (CLOSED)

Bowery Diner. Location: Bowery and Stanton. Scene: Diner. Cafeteria. Open. Retro. Food: Belgian Waffles. Onion Rings. Reuben Sandwich. Fish and Chips. Pancakes. Coffee Milkshake.

  1. Apple Pie Milkshake (1st pic)
  2. Smoked Salmon Benedict: Two Poached Eggs, Hollandaise, Smoked Salmon & English Muffin (2nd pic)
  3. Chocolate Chip Pancakes(4th pic)

Bowery Diner has a prime location downtown on Bowery where several great chefs are moving in as well as new nightclubs. It’s an area you want to be and this restaurant is perfect for after-hours as it’s open 24 hours when you really want that Mac ‘n Cheese or Bacon Burger. The retro red light up sign on the outside and the yellow and turquoise accent colors inside are really what drew me here in addition to the outrageous milkshake options. Think Peanut Butter Bourbon & Vanilla, Pistachio, Marshmallow or even Maple Syrup. I took one for the team and ordered the special Apple Pie Milkshake. The thick straw makes this baby work so you get an even amount of pie crumbs and ice cream. It’s the best thing on the menu. The Smoked Salmon Benedict was great and tastier than the Gravlox Omelet which had a bit too much creme fraishe for my liking. My hopes were highest for the Grilled Cheese because everyone knows diners rock the best. However, the cheese was a bit slim, not greasy enough and just tasted like bread for the most part. You’ll love the Chocolate Chip Pancakes because they do it right and stuff them inside and out. The sweets really got me here and one tidbit: try the Frozen Custard it brings back childhood memories. The Reuben has also gotten rave reviews.

Bowery Diner isn’t going to blow your mind if you are looking for a buzzy Sunday brunch spot. However, if you are looking for something relaxed and carefree or place to grab a cup of joe and read your paper at the bar, then this is your spot. Make sure you carefully store in your brain that they are open past 4 a.m. after the bars close and serve boozy milkshakes so that you will remember when you are stumbling around after a long night.

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