Bubby’s Pie Co.

Bubby’s is a homey, American cookery where recipes have been passed down for several generations. Country-style trinkets fill the window ledges such as roosters, wheat, globes and plastic ducks while colorful paintings and frames line the back wall. I love the large windows and natural light bursting through the restaurant! You can see all the nicely dressed moms and gents strolling by outside through the shabby chic window panels. The freshly-baked pies and sweets on display look delicious and distract you right away, making it hard to concentrate on the real menu. Although the food is a bit overpriced, the cheerful atmosphere is worth it. Pancakes are the most popular dish, but the side of grits is truly amazing –bubbly, cheesy and not too grainy. The biscuits aren’t listed on the menu, but don’t worry they’re still baking those fluffy, crispy guys in the kitchen. Bubby’s is always uplifting, stirring and a great mood booster to your Saturday or Sunday. Visitors love this place!

***Note: Serves a Midnight Brunch and Cash only on weekends!

Additional location in Meatpacking.

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