There are only two words you need to know to say here: COOKSHOP SCRAMBLE. Bold statement comin’ atcha…this is my favorite brunch dish in the entire city. It’s a bit obvious by now that a fluffy buttermilk biscuit is the way to my heart. These perfectly cooked eggs exploding in between two halves of a fluffy, buttery biscuit steal the show making this a mandatory order (same biscuits from sister-restaurant Hundred Acres). You will notice the popular pastry baskets constantly flying from the kitchen to tables. Make sure to bring your extra stomach for this heavy appetizer. The restaurant rotates its menu regularly focusing on local and seasonal ingredients. Don’t worry the scramble remains a staple and nothing makes me happier than introducing this to friends and seeing their blown away reactions and hearing their comments for days.

Sticky Bun
If you are feeling something more lunch inspired, the Amish Chicken Breast Salad does it right. It’s a large roasted chicken atop a bed of greens and flirts with some golden raisins, walnuts and apples. You’ll feel much lighter after eating this dish. The place feels very earthy and has potted plants, gorgeous sunflowers, a wooden ceiling and bright red booths. Take advantage of the outdoor seating while the weather is nice and then walk off those baked goods at The High Line just across the street. Skip the wait and make a reservation. They aren’t too hard to snag a week or two in advance. Cookshop is ridiculously awesome and will be your new best friend Sunday mornings. Just beware, you will be singing and dreaming of Cookshop Scrambles for the rest of the week.


  • Speaking of favorite brunch items, the Bloody Mary at Cookshop single-handedly turned me into a Bloody Mary drinker. I saw them being whisked out to a neighboring table and despite not thinking I liked Bloody Mary’s, I had to have one. It is not only the best Bloody Mary I’ve had in the city, it’s the best Bloody Mary I’ve had anywhere! Make sure you get it next time! 🙂

  • I was present when these delicious photos were taken! Chekmark knows her stuff — Cookshop was AWESOME! I had the poached eggs…basically it was their take on eggs benedict. Their hollandaise was so good, I could drink it (but don’t worry, I won’t)! I should accompany Alex on more of her restaurant visits…A+ for Chekmark Eats 🙂

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  • I needed to find a brunch place to take my friend this morning and checked out Chekmark Eats for suggestions–and I decided on Cookshop! We loved it! I got the poached eggs and a Bellini 🙂

  • My favorite brunch in NYC is hundred acres, but this scramble may just put it over. Just made a reservation for after thanksgiving! Thanks for being my go to restaurant finder!

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