Cow Tipping Creamery

As you know, ice cream and cookies are my number one passion when it comes to desserts. Yes, I love a good Dairy Queen blizzard, but my favorite ice cream has to be anything from Ample Hills or Ice and Vice in New York City. Their ice cream is smooth, creamy, and filled with amazing baked goods, brownies, cakes, M&M’s, pretzels, chocolate ganache, and just any sweet ingredients you can think of.

Cow Tipping is the closest thing in Austin (and Dallas), but it’s soft serve ice cream and it’s a little more DIY as you can pick your toppings because the ice cream flavors aren’t set yet. Their signature item is called a “Stacker” as you can see they alternate layers of ice cream and layers of toppings. The ice cream consistency itself is a little whippy but not too whippy like Mister Softee trucks. It’s the perfect amount of frozen to creaminess. I like to get all vanilla so that I can pair it with chocolate toppings, but I do recommend the chocolate soft serve as well.

Go for either the “Brownie & Chocolate D’oh” which is Triple Fudge Brownie Chunks, Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cocoa Cookie Crumb, and Brown Sugar Hot Fudge or the “It’s Your Birthday” which is Chunks of Vanilla Cake, Birthday Cake Crumb, Rainbow Sprinkles, White Chocolate Sauce. Who knew you could fit so much in one cup, right? I also recommend making your own with just vanilla ice cream, brownies, and fudge for a little less of a topping overload so you can actually enjoy and taste the ice cream a little more. Toppings are truly endless so you can go for all kinds of sauces, southern cracker candy, chocolate chips, coffee soil, crushed tea biscuits, nutter butter crumb, and more.

They also have special ice cream flavors that rotate everyday like Horchata, Mint, Cereal Milk, and even King Cake during Mardis Gras.