Crumbs Bakeshop

When you are desperate for a cupcake fix and aren’t near the best “cupcakeries” such as: Little Cupcake Bakeshop (SoHo), Sugar Sweet Sunshine (LES) or Two Little Red Hens (UES), you can depend on Crumbs Bakeshop to satisfy your sweet tooth (which is in nearly every part of town). Crumbs offers: creative flavors, consistency, moist cake and legit icing. The vanilla-based cakes tend to be softer than the chocolate, and The Good Guy is by far my favorite. Think Funfetti cake, and boom you won’t have to look any further -although you might be tempted by the Peanut Butter Cup exploding with Reese’s. Overall Crumbs gets the deed done, and it’s always a great recommendation to tourists on the hunt for NYC cupcakes due to its multiple locations and mouth-dropping sizes.

***FYI if you’re throwing a party, consider ordering The Colossal Crumb -a six-and-a-half inch high cupcake “cake” serving six-eight…depending on how you look at it.

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  • I work at Elenis so I am biased to their cupcakes, but crumbs is amazing! I love their Margarita Cupcake! And pink lemonade. But get ready to strap on some running shoes! They are giant

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