David Burke Kitchen at The James New York

David Burke Kitchen, located below street level, is decorated like a trendy farm house. It includes: huge photos of farmers, blue and white checkered napkins, denim booths and an overarching wooden ceiling just like a barn. The natural lighting spills down into the restaurant from the street creating a bright and pleasant atmosphere for brunch. The delicate space is widespread, rustic and a perfect spot to host a big dinner, engagement party, shower, etc. Its “V” shaped bar offers the opportunity to “mix and mingle.” What makes the pancakes so special are the berries that are stuffed and baked inside, so each bite provides a mouth full of fruit. I adore the complimentary “picnic basket” which includes: a flaky and soft brioche topped with aged cheddar, carrots, radishes and grapes. It’s not crowded during the day, most likely due to its location, so you don’t need to worry about making a reservation. Come here if you are looking for a nice dining experience or trying to hide from an ex or paparazzi; they won’t find you down here!


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