Dirt Candy (MOVED TO LES)

Dirt Candy aka “the most creative restaurant I’ve ever seen” is a heaven for vegetarians and carnivores alike. Love a good side of veggies, but I was a little hesitant to try a meal without any meat. However, don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to chomp on raw veggies or flavorless tofu. With a play on Chicken & Waffles (substituting cauliflower), this joint is “Comfort Vegetarian.” Chef Amanda Cohen is to vegetables as Picasso is to the blue period. Her dishes are so innovative, unique and crafty, and you can taste each ingredient to the fullest in every bite. Now about those carrot buns…the texture and sweetness of these jewels definitely tasted like candy. Why can’t I pack these in my lunch everyday instead of those ‘ole carrot sticks? Dirt Candy offers a fun and exciting culinary experience and even half glasses of wine for $4!

***Tip: Make sure to get a reservation (better off for two) before you try walking in because there are only nine tables. Carrot Steamed BBQ Buns
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