Ditch Plains

Ditch Plains is an easy-going seafood restaurant tucked away in the West Village on Bedford street where not much traffic is flowing. The dark paneling mixed with the narrow space and cozy booths makes you feel like you are in a private restaurant as you don’t really see what else is going on behind you or the side of you. It’s a great place to really focus on your conversation without being distracted. While you can get Shrimp Cocktail basically anywhere, the jumbo pieces and cocktail sauce are pretty remarkable and refreshing. It’s a great way to kick-off the meal in addition to the Warm Crab Dip with Bagel Chips. This comfort dish is easy to share and rarely on a menu. A lot of the dishes and apps here resemble a bar menu such as this dip, nachos, pig wings, fried calamari, fried pickles, burgers, etc. Image 12ImageIn general, definitely stick to the raw seafood options as they are your best bet. However, I did really enjoy the Smokin’ Good Burger even thought it was cooked medium. The combination between the spice pepper jack cheese, smoked slaw and smoked aioli offers a sweet and spicy barbecue flavor which is delicious and not your average burger. The added toppings are what make this burger good as opposed to the actual blend and cooking style of the meat. The Lobster Roll is also amazing. While it doesn’t beat Luke’s Lobster or The Lobster Joint, it ranks in pretty close. There are generously huge chunks of fresh lobster without too much mayo and the bun is soft, buttery and a bit sweet. You should split this with the table if you don’t get it for your entree.Image 3  Photo Credit: Anna Malskaya
Skip the Chicken Meatballs. The sauce had potential but they came out cold so it was kind of hard to eat and enjoy. There are plenty of other places that specialize in meatballs so no worries here. The Sesame Crusted Tuna Burger has a great avocado spread but they overcooked the tuna and it wasn’t seared or rare. Besides a few flukes with the preparations and temperature, Ditch Plains is still a good spot to throw back some great crustaceans and a couple beers or glasses of wine and it’s not tough to get a last minute reservation for groups.Just don’t forget to top it off with some authentic, homemade s’mores that actually come served in foil or the ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies.

p.s. If you are looking for a similar spot uptown, have no fear, there is an Upper West Side location at 82nd St.  Image 5

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