Eat Here Now Now Eat Here (Taco Truck)

Eat Here Now Now Eat Here. Location: West Village: 12 St. & Hudson on Weekends. Chelsea: 16th St. & 10th Ave. M-F. Food: Taco & Burrito Truck. Steak. Shrimp. Chicken. Shrimp. Fish. Eggs (all day).

Chek Recs:

  1. Breakfast Burrito: Eggs. Onions. Bell Peppers. Cheese. Mild Hot Sauce. “Other Stuff.” $5 (1st pic)
  2. Fish Burrito: Grilled Tilapia. Cole Slaw. Pineapple. Sour Cream. Hot Sauce. $8 (2nd pic)

WOAHHH. This taco/burrito baby just hit the streets three weeks ago and boy has it grown a big following (even without a website). People strolling by can’t help but slow down to check out what Stan Tankursley and his buddy are cookin’ up. Living here as a native Texan along with my Californian friend (who is starving for West coast style burritos), we don’t see many legit breakfast burritos or taco stands like we do back home. Once Stan told me he was from Texas and opened Tortilla Flats in the 80’s, I knew he and his taco truck were going to be winners. Indeed he did not let us down! The trick? Must have been that chipotle butter that oozed out of the eggs and definitely the amazing “special” sauce drizzled throughout the fish taco. DONE! Thank you to Eat Here Now Now Eat Here taco truck for the solid, authentic, quality, and cheap tacos! 

****Tip: seemed like all the cool kids were adding chorizo (for $1) to their breakfast burritos…just sayin’


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