Eleni’s is a cute little cookie and cupcake shop located in Chelsea Market. Surprisingly, my favorite is the Butterscotch Cookie. While it’s not gooey or soft it somehow still wins me over. The store also offers holiday-themed and custom made treats which are great for gifts, birthdays, events and parties. It’s very easy to create and design your own (you can have logos/pictures printed on the cupcakes), and the staff is very easy to work with. Unbelievably, all of the sugar cookies are hand-iced each day! This explains why the prices are a bit high for a bakery. Everything looks so delicate and pretty behind the glass case it’s as if you are in a museum. The bakery is nut free, so for those with a nut allergy, Eleni’s is your girl! The bakery ships nationwide and receiving a box of her Conversation Cookies brightens anyone’s day. Like Eleni says, “Eat Dessert First!”

***Additional location in the Upper East Side at 90th Street and Madison Ave.

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