11B (Eleven B)

If you’ve been searching for my Cousin Vinny since 1992, you’ve come to the right place. The Italian owner Vinny literally invites you into his “home” at 11 B. He greets every guest as if they are family and pretends that he remembers you from your last visit…even if it was a year before. This is my absolute favorite pizza in New York City and the best perk of all is that the restaurnat has a BYOB availability (they also sell wine if you forget). The kitchen serves up hearty, red-sauced Italian plates and everything is delicious not only for this affordable price but for the actual taste. You can DIY pizza. I like to get broccoli and meatballs on mine. The crust is perfectly crisp, firm and crunchy. The pizza is not floppy or as thin as some others down the block like Motorino (which is my second favorite). IMG_4031Eggplant Parm

IMG_4032I also love the Arugula Salad which is simply tomatoes, balsamic and shaved parmesan. You have to get some leafy greens in here somewhere. The Eggplant Pam is also a great option if you aren’t looking for pizza. I like to get a combination of all three and share for the table. A large pizza which is 16 inches racks in at only $16 and is enough for three people to get two large slices. Make sure to make a reservation on the weekend because you won’t be the only one trying to snuggle up with Vinny’s 11 B. What’s better than a $14 tab per person on a Friday night in Manhattan with a rambunctious group of 9?

*Once a party reaches a group of 10, the menu goes to prix-fixe which is an overflowing amount of food (your choice of options) for $45 a person. Still a good deal!

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