Exciting News for Chekmark Eats

I am excited to share Chekmark Eats had a makeover- to make your lives easier!  For the quick rundown, the restaurant and neighborhood tabs at the top are more visually organized, make reservations directly on Opentable through each post (left side) and homepage (right side), brunch is searchable by neighborhood, more recipe and product reviews, ads are more readily available.

Also, I want to see what you are eating and cooking via Instagram. Whether I chek rec’d it myself, if you recommend it or if it’s just something delicious – no matter what city. Therefore, when posting food photos on insta tag #ChekRecs

See full updates spelled out below. Would love your feedback too!

  • BRUNCH SEARCH: You can search brunch by neighborhood so when you are in desperate need of that egg, bacon and cheese sandwich to be right next door to your apartment, you can find it. Put mouse over Brunch category and it will drop down with each neighborhood.
  • RESERVATIONS: Make reservations directly from each post on the right hand gray side bar. If it’s available on Opentable, you can click “Make a Reservation” – no need to open another window.
  • INSTAGRAM: I want to see where you are eating that is a Chek Rec as well as what you think I should be Chek Rec’ing. Tag #ChekRecs on Instagram for all of your food porn so we can rejoice together!
  • RESTAURANT SEARCH: At the top bar, there is a restaurant page that organizes reviews alphabetically with an image so you can pick where you want to eat by what photos look the most mouth watering.
  • EAT (top section):Cooking, recipes and products are now being reviewed and written about. If you have a food related product, feel free to send samples or suggestions and I’ll check it out. Really digging cookie dough and ice cream deliveries these days.
  • FARM TO PEOPLE: Free shipping for all of you who order products from Farm to People. Guys, don’t miss out on the coconut chocolate almond butter…

Also in the news, I spoke on a sold-out panel event for Edible Manahattan called “What the URL?”last week about how to start a food blog and everything over and under involved at Brooklyn Brewery. It was pretty cool. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out directly with any questions or recommendations. ChekmarkEats at gmail [dot] com