Fatty ‘Cue West Village (CLOSED)

Fatty ‘Cue. Location. West Village. Carmine and Bleecker. Scene: Uplifting. Intimate. Food: Asian Fusion BBQ. Broiled Sardines. Heritage Pork Ribs. Isaan-Style Duck Laab. 1/2 Pound Deep-Fried Bacon.

Chek Recs:

  1. Smoked Brandt Beef Briskit: Clothbound Cheddar, Chilies, Shiso Salad, Soft Rolls (1st pic).
  2. Smoked Lamb Shoulder: Housemade Pita, Spiced Goat Yogurt (2nd pic).
  3. Buttermilk Pappardelle: Smoked Goat Ragu, Capra Sarda, Roasted Pepper, Chilies.
  4. Broiled Sardines: Sweet and Sour Radicchio, Chili-Lardo-Raisin Crostini.

Fatty ‘Cue is one of the most anticipated restaurant openings this fall. Zakary Pelaccio brings his funky Southeast Asian Brooklyn outpost to the West Village smoothly; it fits in perfectly. The huge, thick wooden doors and lack of windows make it extremely intriguing and lure you in to check out the mysterious inside. The lighting is dim, and the bright red chairs and dark green leather booths create a sleek and romantic atmosphere. Trust Justin the token bartender and his magic hands to shake up a tasty cocktail –he’s got your back. The food is ridiculous, and you can’t find dishes with seasoning like this anywhere else. Get your hands dirty with the crunchy yet tender lamb shoulder, and def make a brisket sandwich using the buttery parker house rolls. Although some of the brisket was a bit fatty (correct advertising), the mix of flavors make this dish sparkle! The broiled sardines almost made me fall out of my chair they were so tender and crunchy. Share these with someone brave enough who will eat the leftover heads (they are a delicacy)! Come here for a successful night, to impress that girl you’ve been drooling over or when you need to feel like a winner. Regardless, you’ll walk out of Fatty ‘Cue feeling invincible!

***DON’T MISS: The Thai Style Bottle Service, an unpretentious table-side bottle service with your choice of alcohol and mixers. The cabinet in the wall stores the booze, and you take it out yourself using the token key.  It creates about six cocktails and prices start at $60.

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