Gemma at The Bowery Hotel

The very charming Gemma is located in the popular boutique The Bowery Hotel and filled with locals and guests looking for a great scene and Italian dinner. Sitting on the outdoor patio is desirable, but it’s almost better to sit inside where you can enjoy the unique details and beautifully designed dining room. Candles and wine bottles line the perimeters of the wooden ceiling, and rustic chandeliers are the prime lighting. The copper bar, collection of candles and dimness almost reminded me of Halloween or the old mansion in the movie Clue. Fortunately, it works here and the atmosphere still feels young and new.

The dark wine room in the back would be great for a private party. Crostinis and pizzas are ideal for sharing. Delivered in an iron cast skillet, the eggplant was a highlight due to the empowering, chunky tomato sauce. Service can be slow, but Gemma is perfect for a date, parents or to impress out-of-town guests. It’s an ideal location for nightlife, and definitely check out the hotel bar. The fireplace and cozy chairs make for a warm low-key night, and don’t be surprised if you run into celebrities like Adriene Grenier.

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