Giano has a bit of a history lesson to share. It’s not just another one of the 1,819 Italian pizza/spaghetti restaurants in the city. Giano is named for the two Roman faces: one that looks into the future and one that looks to the past. This is why the front half of the restaurant has a modern look and the back half has an old, rustic Italian look.

The Panino di Caprese is unbelievable: traditional and futuristic (like the two faces). You may have salivated over Momofuku Pork Buns in the past, but have you ever chowed down on a Caprese Salad Bun? That’s right -the restaurant has a special steamer to make these soft basil-filled buns. Mozzarella gelato? It’s unexplainable, I know. You’ll want to ask for a whole “basil bun” bread basket and give back that sourdough. This restaurant just works – you can do anything here. You can have a loud birthday party, a quiet, romantic date or catch-up with a friend over good food. Make sure to ask for the owner Matteo from Milan. He offers hospitality and such passion about why each dish was created for the menu. He makes you want to come back just to say hi, compliment the place and listen to his Italian accent!

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  • I’ve been here a couple of times and it’s great! They also have a good happy hour during the week I believe. By one get one free wine. Nice to just sit at the bar

  • I absolutely LOVE Giano. And you’re right, Matteo definitely adds something special. Quite the character!

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