Goat Town (CLOSED)

Goat Town is a quiet little restaurant in the East Village that looks and feels slightly like Northern Spy Food Company. The size of the restaurant and table set-up with booths on one side and chairs on the other mixed with a friendly bar seating is suitable for those wanting to dine alone or with a partner. The amazing white tiled ceiling is oval, caving over, and the dim lighting bounces off of it creating an intimate yet still casual atmosphere if that’s what you are looking for. Goat Town has their own garden out back which is almost as big as the restaurant. Here produce really is farm to table. However, the food at Northern Spy supersedes. Start with the Artichoke Salad that is light and crisp. You’ll be able to tell it was grown out back.


IMG_6387The Calamari Salad is also pretty good and the dressing saves the dish as the calamari is nothing too out of the ordinary. The Roasted Amish Chicken comes with extremely pillow-y gnocchi balls, but the chicken does not compete with the likes of Barbuto and Market Table. For those of you who “never order chicken out” I would say you don’t have to start here or you’ll be disappointed. For those of you who only order chicken, you’ll like this one still it’s just not the best I’ve had. The burger which decorated several tables around us looks to be the most popular dish with onion jam, white cheddar and fries. Lets just say I regret not getting it so let me know how it is. Based on appearance of everything here, I’d start with a fresh salad and order the burger and dessert and call it a day.

IMG_6400The most exciting part of the night was obviously dessert. Imagine a salted caramel ice cream sundae with pretzels, caramel cake and caramel sauce served in a tall glass. Yup, that caramel drizzle saves the day, and it’s so much fun to eat as well as to look at in awe as it melts before your eyes. Throw in a scoop of that chocolate sorbet. It’s super rich and interesting. When you just want that one bit of something sweet after dinner, this will take care of business.

IMG_6401Goat Town is an easy neighborhood spot to keep in your back pocket on a week night and when you need a last minute res. If you’re looking for that one delicious, memorable night’s meal that you won’t be able to stop thinking about, I’d recommend going to Northern Spy Food Co. instead since they have the locavore but the flavors are more fulfilling. Goat Town is still a reliable option for dinner, there are just better places to cross off your list first if you are looking to do so.

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