Grey Lady

Grey Lady is a seafood parlor that has a bit of a scene. Not the kind where you need to show up wearing leather pants and stilettos. Here you’ll see guys and girls crowd the bar and constantly looking over their shoulders to see who the next person or “prey” is that walks into their path. There are more people drinking and socializing here than those eating at the tables. The bar/restaurant has amazing, large, full glass windows on two sides of the space overlooking the busy street Delancey and encompasses a fresh and stylish atmosphere. The menu whores out the beloved lobster and seafood category offering options such as: Lobster Rolls, Lobster Pot Pie, Fish and Chips and Crispy Spelt.

Fish of the Day
Several lobster roll joints have opened up shop all over Manhattan lately which is what drew me here in the first place to try. The huge lobster chunks overflow the buttery and crispy bun, and it thankfully lacks loads of mayo or any other sauces that usually taint these sandwiches. It’s the best thing on the menu, and the mandatory item to order. It’s big enough to share so that you can try other items on the menu, but if I were you I’d order one all to myself. The Warm Baked Weybridge Cheese, Walnut, Honey, Rosemary shared plate jumped out as this appetizer is only really seen at people’s dinner parties. It’s always a crowd pleaser, but this one could have been better if it came with salty crackers instead of a sliced baguette. The Seabass fish of the day was presented over clams and potatoes and extremely light in a good way but othing mind blowing.  Loud music makes it hard to hear your date or group of friends while popping back lobster, and you can tell the Grey Lady was intended to be more of a bar than an actual restaurant. Drinks are flowing in this social spot, and it’s a perfect destination for an after dinner drink, night cap or somewhere cool to go where you don’t have to face with any obstacles about getting in. If you are looking for the most memorable seafood dining establishment try Lure Fishbar, Crave Fishbar, Mermaid Inn, Pearl Oyster Bar or Mary’s Fish Camp.



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