Hill Country BBQ

Yee Haw! This up beat authentic Texas barbecue joint is finger lickin’ good and always consistent. This is the place to get down and dirty and eat with your hands. Guests order meat which is sliced and measured  by weight and served on butcher paper just like down South in Lockhart, TX at Kreuz’s. I’m obsessed with the Moist Brisket. It’s tender as can be, juicy and melts in your mouth. Who would’ve thought that keeping that fat on would make the meat that much better and still not chewy? Well done, boys. The Market Chicken is another one of my favorites. Tasty sides include all the fixin’s such as: mac ‘n cheese, corn pudding, potato salad, and cornbread with honey butter. The cucumber salad is light and a good alternative bite to have during this heavy meal.IMG_4355


If you’re in the mood for Thanksgiving go for the Green Bean Casserole. The desserts are just as unbelievable- yes, you will be overly stuffed by the time you leave here. Go for the Banana Pudding and Peanut Butter & Jelly cupcake. The icing is peanut butter flavored and there is a hole full of jelly inside the middle. I’d say skip the cakes and stick to these less common desserts. Sorry to tease you, but the Apple Crisp is probably my favorite; however it’s not on the menu regularly. This baby comes overflowing over a white circular dish with crumb, granola-like toppings and is gooey, carmely and full of cinnamon and cumin. Don’t miss the Texas original Blue Bell Ice Cream. The Homemade Vanilla is unlike anything you can find at the grocery store here. We live off this at home!


The space for New York City is truly massive. There are old black and white photos on the walls representing BBQ, Texas and butchering. It’s very clean and nice. The long wooden tables are perfect for big groups, and the large downstairs offers live music nightly. If you are a Texas football fan (especially for the Longhorns) make sure to book a reservation in advance for game watching days, so you can sit down to enjoy the big screen with some Southern hospitality! Once you are finished overeating (wink), you can take your meal card to the register at the exit sign to pay out. Also, don’t miss Monday night All-You-Can-Eat for $27 a person which includes different meat platters, hot and cold sides.

*Try Hill Country Chicken for fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits and pies down the street on 25th. 



  • Great spot, so nice to have it in DC now too! What are your opinions on Hill Country Chicken….I am in love with fried chicken!

  • Yes, Hill Country Chicken is just as good! The best grease-free chicken tenders, pie shakes, buttermilk biscuits etc. chek back for a post!

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