Hill Country Chicken (Breakfast)

Hill Country Chicken. Location: Flatiron. 25th St. and Broadway. Scene: Friendly. Bright. Counter-Service. Food: Biscuit Sandwiches. Egg Pie. Cheese Grits. Waffles. Pastries. Kolaches.

Chek Recs:

  1. Chicken Biscuit: Fried Chicken inside a Buttermilk Biscuit (above)
  2. Pecan Raisin Sticky Bun (above)
  3. Cinnamon Roll

WHAT!?!…Hill Country Chicken is serving breakfast? Yes! Starting this Thurs. Sept. 15th, the beloved fried chicken joint will dish out fried chicken biscuits and sweet pastries M-F. I was lucky to attend the complimentary tasting yesterday; boy, are y’all in for a real treat! After spending too much time salivating over the coveted pastries behind the glass, I went with the sugary-glazed Pecan Raisin Sticky Bun and perfectly gooey, iced Cinnamon Roll. Winning decision! Just when you thought their pie shakes were unbeatable, the bakery throws these ‘atcha at 7 a.m.! The one-and-only chicken biscuit is simple, greaseless and to the point. If you’re going to splurge on a Southern breakfast, def go for this and skip the eggs. Furthermore, no other restaurant matches Hill Country Chicken’s retro vibe. The wallpaper, friendly staff and light yellow and blue colors trick you into thinking you’ve jumped into a hip 50’s diner. Eating these foods you craved as a 13 year-old make you reminisce about your good ‘ole childhood days! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they roll-out weekend brunch hours!

 ***Steal of the day: $1 for a buttermilk biscuit? Chek please!  

Try sister restaurant Hill Country BBQ for more Southern lovin’!

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