Jane’s Sweet Buns- NOW CLOSED

Jane’s Sweet Buns. Location: East Village. St Marks and 1st Ave. Scene: Colorful. Bright. Food: Alcohol-infused Buns. Old Fashioned Bourbon Pecan Sticky Bun. Cranberry Buttercream Frosted Bun.

  1. Pumpkin Bun: Roasted Banana Cream Cheese Frosting (above).

Jane’s Sweet Buns offers fluffy pastries inspired by cocktails. Yep, booze infused buns! Jane Danger, a cute redheaded bar tender from Cienfuegos, is a co-owner and fits right into the colorful environment. The small space is adorable and comforting and emits bright Easter blue, pink and yellow colors. The large, doughy pastries covered in icing are on display close enough for you to hover and “ooo and ahh” over. A nice seasonal touch to the menu is the Pumpkin Bun with Roasted Banana Cream Cheese Frosting. However, make sure you eat it heated up so the icing melts and softens the bun. Next time, I would opt for the Rum Runner which looked absolutely amazing and is made with traditional “cinnamon bun” style ingredients: Aged Rum, Brown Sugar, Galliano, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Raisins. Don’t expect to get a buzz off these alcohol-infused desserts, but do prepare yourself for a sugar high!

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  • oh my, these look absolutely sinful!! I love cinnamon buns and these look some darn good ones. I just made a cinnamon bun inspired cupcake and they were some of the best cupcakes ever. Thanks for sharing this link! I will need to check out the spot.

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