Joseph Leonard

Joseph Leonard will alway house a special place in my heart. The small joint with probably the minimum tables a restaurant could survive with, has the friendliest staff. This is part of the reason why you want to keep crawling back. Brought to you by restaurateur Gabe Stuhlman, he has begun to occupy the West Village with his Wisconsin troops and other successful spots including: Jeffrey’s Grocery across the street, Fedora, Perla and soon to be Chez Sardine. There are two cute stools in the back overlooking the kitchen where you can watch the chefs in action. Otherwise, the tables are scattered around the tiny space dodging the center bar where several seats exist for ordering. The food is simple with twists and turns and it gives you just what you need for brunch. The Egg Sandwich on a croissant with brussels sprouts dressed in sriracha is the kind of dish you wake up craving and hoping that it somehow magically appears on your bedside table. The buttery croissant melts the cheese into the eggs, and the spicy brussels sprouts give you the desire to make them at home. However, the Fried Chicken sandwich with honey and tabasco might be the deal breaker as it’s hard not to be jealous of those who choose this destiny. The Avocado Toast is another staple and the hash brown which spills over the plate tastes so delicately put together- it’s great to split.

The waitstaff  is as fabulous as the food. Their nonchalant personalities connect you to the restaurant and Chris always wears amazing hats. Chat it up with server Michael and you’ll be able to control the music for the day. These guys love what they are doing and it rubs off creating a loyal customer base and safe weekend brunch haven for you.



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