Kutsher’s Tribeca (CLOSED)

Kutsher’s Tribeca is a nicer Jewish deli, more upscale, laid back and less touristy than your typical Katz’s. Brought to you by restauranteur Jeffrey Chodorow and Zach Kutcher, a fourth generation member of the Kutsher family involved in the hospitality of the iconic Kutsher’s Country Club in Catskills. The decor is smooth with a large entrance, wooden booths and dull turquoise colored cushions. It’s very open and comfortable and looks like a museum space. If you sit by the kitchen doors, beware. You will want to order one of everything that walks out of there from the full Challah French Toast plate to the towering sandwich called The Rascal (hot-smoked salmon salad with cream cheese, tomato and red onion on a bagel). 

The Jewish foods are portrayed excellently, and the pastrami sandwich is just as tasty as my all-time favorite at Carnegie Deli. However, here the portion size is more practical, realistic and easier to digest, and the meat is juicy, tender and less fatty. The blintzes are soft and creamy and get the job done. Now, the Duck Smaltz Fries are another story, but basically they are ridiculous and necessary. Get these to add a little kick to your morning start. The wooden rectangular plates match the scene, but they take over the entire table not leaving much room and creating a dance party for you and the servers to get things settled. Kutsher’s Tribeca is one of the most satisfying restaurants I’ve visited for brunch in a while, and I can’t wait to try it for dinner. Not to mention attack that Black and White Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. Bring your Jew friends and fans here for sure…

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  • ALEX! Please do a french fry post like the top chocolate chip cookie post. deliciousness above.

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