Market Ipanema – Brazil Comes to Nolita

Looks like Nolita just got the best new addition all the way from Rio! Market Ipanema is better than a fast-casual restaurant but offers both. A full service team cooks made to order dishes in an open kitchen, and if you are in a hurry, grab some of their pre-made items which are also on the menu such as: Organic Quinoa Bowl with seasonal roasted vegetables, Quiche of the Day, Chickpea & Organic Chicken, Berries & Hazelnut Cacao Cream, and more.

It’s a feel-good, feelin’-healthy spot with fresh juices, tapioca crepes, baked goods, rice bowls, salads, and hot dishes. It tastes a step up from your own homemade dish and something you want everyday. No need to get the same grilled chicken patty at Whole Foods on your way home from work anymore. Ipanema makes their own whole wheat bread for sandwich buns and has several gluten-free items.


The winning shot is the Veggie Burger topped with a homemade beet and tomato ketchup and ginger scallion sauce. It’s almost like they created this sandwich just for me. Scallions are my favorite herb and ketchup is my favorite condiment. The patty freshly made (no bad soy in here!). It’s stuffed with black beans and vegetables such as: Broccoli, Carrots, Green Beans, Asparagus, and meshed with Sunflower Seed Flour to keep it all together. Finally! A veggie burger that isn’t stuffed with fake food. It’s filling, satisfying, and a cute, thick, guy. Served with some arugula which you probably won’t even dabble in. Get the Coconut Yogurt for a side treat. It’s vegan somehow and stuffed with a delicious jam that I think is made with bananas and coconut flakes. It comes in a cute glass jar that you can take home.  It’s not too sweet (not sweet at all by my sugar-high standards) and the different smooth yet chunky textures create all the feels.

The Salmon Salad made with dill might catch you off guard but in a good way. It’s served in a circular situation with diced pieces of salmon like tartar with herbs and cucumber. It’s a large portion size and not a grilled fish like I had envisioned for some reason. Everything here seems refreshing and done just a little differently than we are used to at all these quick service restaurants. It’s genuine, trust worthy, and they also serve breakfast all day! What more could we ever ask for! Acai Bowls and Homemade Granola everyday. The space is pleasant, not crowded, and the staff is uber welcoming. Go for it when you need a casual night or brunch.