Mercadito East Village (CLOSED)

Mercadito is a great little Mexican spot with something for everyone in the East Village and in the West Village. The menu is full of different guacamoles, tacos, ceviches as well as mexican-style corn on the cob, enchiladas and rice and beans. While this might sound like a great happy hour and dinner spot to enjoy chips and guac and margaritas, do not overlook the brunch. At the East Village location, the doors spread open allowing natural light to kiss the tables. The lighting is low, so it’s a perfect spot if you’re hungover and want to steer clear of a loud, bright dining room with bustling crowds. It seems obvious to start off with the guacamole but once you put that first chip in your mouth you’ll be blown away. They are thick, crispy and salty and carry the avocado dip with ease. Just when you thought this was the best carb you’d have all morning, the ceviche shows up and is paired with a very soft, flat bread similar to pita but better. These two starters are so amazing you could even do without entrees because you are so satisfied.


The Mahi Mahi Ceviche is delicious, very fresh and addicting. At this point, my expectations couldn’t be raised any higher for this place that I have passed multiple times but always chose other places like Empellon Cocina instead. For the available egg dishes at brunch, you can choose from the stereotypical Chilaquiles or Huevos Rancheros. Don’t be fooled by the Chorizo Omelette. It comes in a piping, hot skillet overflowing with cheese and thickness. It’s almost like a quiche but without crust. The Tacos de Huevo a la Mexicana (4th pic) are several small corn tortillas stuffed with migas style scrambled eggs including pico de gallo, black bean hash, salsa, avocado and queso fresco. These are pretty good but are outshined by all the prior dishes. You never think of ordering French Toast at a Mexican style restaurant, but there is always a first time for everything. The Pan Mexicano is made on the fluffliest bread which is the first step towards success when making this breakfast treat. It’s doused in cajeta which is similar to caramel or dulce de leche making the toast melt in your mouth and really hit a sweet spot. It’s powerful and unforgettable. Recommend to share this dish with the table, and you’ll be the most popular kid on the block at first bite.

IMG_5504Mexican French Toast with Cajeta and Apples

At Mercadito, there is no fuss or intense planning required when you want to stop by for a Mexican relief. All of the brunch dishes are under $12 creating for an easy bill situation. Get the chips, ceviches and margaritas flowing and your brunch adventure is solid.

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