Miss Lily’s Favourite Cakes

After all the hype naming this Jamaican-inspired restaurant the new downtown “it” spot, I was a bit disappointed. The cheap, orange tables in the front room and red plastic fast food baskets convinced me that we were at IN-N-OUT Burger.  Ah, now don’t get me wrong, Mon, the fashionable, stylish staff IS beautiful; however, they were the best part. Luckily, the handsome “bouncer” (if you will) escorted us to the back club-like room featuring: a disco ball, black leather booths with Bob Marley colors, records and painted boom boxes/speakers on the walls. Make sure to sit back here or it’s not worth coming! The dishes are flavorful and authentic, and they even offer Red Stripe. Bottom line, you really have to be in the mood for Jamaican food. Not really a culinary destination or place to bring parents. Miss Lily’s is best for late-night drinks or dining, so don’t show up before 9 p.m. Go during winter for the reggae music and model-esque staff to trick yourself into thinking you’re on summer vacation!

***FYI: Seitan is wheat gluten, an alternative to tofu, and Callalo is a leaf vegetable similar to spinach. Recommended by the friendly waitress and surprisingly good and adventurous!

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