Noble Sandwiches

Food doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy to cause your heart to race or your first instincts to moan and wine over how life changing a dish just made you feel from one bite. Frankly, you may not believe me, but my favorites are the most simple things that make you think it took the chef one second to whip it up and without even much thought but creating a magical goodness with his hands. That’s how I feel about sandwiches.Two pieces of bread, usually buttered up on both sides (which I would rather avoid but you can just convince yourself it’s not that much) with some tenderly smoked turkey, chicken or brisket inside that has some vegetables or vinaigrette to add even more flavor than the already perfectly prepared meat. Noble Pig Sandwiches in Austin has a blackboard full of simple yet interesting combinations you don’t see anywhere else. There is really no need to keep putting club sandwiches on menus, enough of that double stacked bread. The newest location is on Burnet and a hot spot for lunch. The picnic tables inside are color blocked with blue squares and large enough to fit a few different parties at each during lunch time. You order in line, give your name, snag a seat and wait until your tray of happiness is delivered which is around 5 minutes.

I might have jumped the gun and started out with their black and white cookie. Don’t worry, it’s not the typical New York vanilla/chocolate iced cake like cookie. This is a dense chocolate base that is a combination between cake and a brownie with powdered sugar sprinkled atop. It’s damn good and small enough not to push you over the edge. The Brisket Sandwich hit it out of the park. Tender meat placed between two buttery slices of Texas toast sized bread with a mixture of slaw and vinaigrette. You’ll wreck this sandwich before you can even look up and see what your dining companion ordered. It’s only similar to BBQ because of the tender meat but without the BBQ sauce and sides it’s a whole new ball game. I loved the cucumbers in the Turkey Chop, but I do think the turkey could have been a little more flavorful on its own. All sandwiches are served with a cute pile of seasoned potato chips and pickle wedges. They also have amazing Mexican Diet Cola.

It feels awesome to walk into Noble Sandwiches knowing you’re going to love whatever sandwich they set down in front of you because the tender and care they put into the recipes and combinations is apparent and addicting. It’s also only $9 for a sandwich and a cookie. I could eat here every day and happily try a new sandwich and be on my way. It reminded me of the movie Chef with Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, ScarJho, and Dustin Hoffman because it seems like no matter what tacos or in this case sandwiches they churn out, you’re going to love it. It’s the simple things in life. #EasilyPleased.

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