Northern Spy Food Co. – NOW CLOSED

Locavore’s will “dig” Northern Spy Food Co. The easy-going diners and laid-back staffers let you sit and enjoy your meal as long as you please without rush. Not only does your food taste like it was just picked from the ground out back, but the airy and unpretentious atmosphere allows you to relax and forget about the days you spend scrambling through Time Square insanities. Service is right on time, and I wanted to grab a bite of everyone’s food around me (oops!). The biscuits are flaky like Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, and all of the ingredients are seasonal and from local farms*.  The flavors and freshness at Northern Food Spy Co. are seriously impressive! Looking forward to trying dinner and a Honeymoon in Red Cocktail: Lillet Blanc. Strawberry Rhubarb-Syrup. Lemon Juice. Angostura. Scrappy’s Cardamom Bitters.

*If you want to see where the ingredients you are eating come from, look at the menu online and click on the hyperlinked item.  It will show you what farm, bakery, orchard, purveyor, etc. it came from!



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