Paris Baguette

Paris Baguette. Location: Midtown East. 32nd and 5th Ave. Scene: Market Like. Counter Service. Food: Asian Pastries. Breads, Doughnuts, Cakes, Fresh Fruit Tarts.

Chek Recs:

  1. Chocolate Bread (above).
  2. Red Bean Paste Donut (above).

Paris Baguette, a Korean Bakery, offers countless Asian pastries that will blow your mind. It’s a little self-serve shop, and the cute Asian staff is extremely helpful. Just pop on in, grab your choice of bread, pie, cake or doughnut and march right up to the counter to check out. Some fun options include: Conch Pie, Mocha Pastry, Blueberry Cream Cheese Pastry, Sweet Potato Bread and Chocolate Butter Cake. The Chocolate Bread equals a dream come true! It is fluffy, filled with chunks of chocolate and not too sweet. Where have you been all my life? 

***Good news: Paris Baguette is available for you west coasters, too!

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