Piccolo Cafe

Ya know, finding a quick lunch spot that’s not a deli or chain in Midtown is quite the challenge. Luckily, Piccolo Cafe is a cute to-go place that has the feel of a small coffee shop. The décor includes: old tunes, greenery, newspapers papier-mâchéd on one wall and a chalkboard menu on the opposing wall. The menu offers a variety of fresh focaccia panini’s with ingredients such as: prosciutto, bufala mozzarella, basil, cheeses, eggplant, truffles and pesto. Everything is around $10 or under (but lobster is $15 including tax. FYI Luke’s Lobster will always be #1). Piccolo Cafe is for lunch. I wouldn’t recommend it for dinner, unless you’re dining with someone you want to ditch after 20 minutes. On Chekmark Eat’s list to try next is:

  • Pesto Egg Sandwich
  • Roasted Turkey Panini
  • Truffle Toast with Mushrooms and Bufala Mozzarella
***Additional locations include: Midtown East: 37th St. & Madison and Gramercy: 15th St. & 3rd ave.
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