Prima (CLOSED)


Prima is that low key, seafood restaurant that everyone wishes was next to their apartment. It has everything you could ask for: amazing oysters, great wine and cocktails, lobster, almost any kind of fish with your choice of sauce preparation and a relaxing, friendly atmosphere reminiscent of a European wine bar. This is the place you come to when you want service and fresh seafood that you can count on. It’s not overly crowded or bustling out of control on a weeknight making it a much more attractive East Village spot. The marble, high-top tables, brick walls and glass wall entrance create an inviting environment. You must start off with a collection of oysters and the ceviche of the day. The Mackerel Ceviche is thick-cut, tender and melts in your mouth. It’s light and refreshing and pairs well with the oysters. The Octopus was cooked perfectly which I always think is a hard task as some places ruin it by overcooking. It’s fun to get several light bites from the  Oyster, Crudo and Appetizer section so you can taste several plates. I’m not usually a huge gin promotoer, but I absolutely loved The Last Cocktail which has Gin, Prosecco, Pear Puree, Agave, Lemon and Clove Dust. The Clove Dust is a star and gives the drink a bit of a spice kick. It’s like a spiked lemonade, so be careful as these delicious guys can add up quickly. It’s nice to find a go-to dinner spot like this that’s light and easy. Prima’s outstanding fish quality surprised me, sweeping me off my feet and that’s why Prima is one of the East Village’s best kept secret. Make sure you treat yourself to the Mille Feuille which is a Vanilla Pastry Cream with Strawberry Jam. After one taste, you’ll start shoveling this pudding in your mouth.


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