Super Linda

Super Linda. Location: TriBeCa. Broadway and Reade St. Scene: Wall Streeters. Men & Women in 30’s. Food: Latin. Shrimp Balls. Hearts of Palm Salad. Crab and Uni Tostadas. Pork Ribs. Red and Green Snapper with Pico de Gallo. Prawns (1st pic).

Chek Recs:

  1. Croquetas: Smoked Chicken, Truffle (2nd pic)
  2. Ceviche Verde: Local Fluke, Tomatillo, Cilantro (3rd pic)
  3. Sweet Potato (4th pic)
  4. Mango Thai Pepper Margarita (pic below)

Super Linda, the new Latin inspired spot in TriBeCa brought to you by La Esquina guys Matt Abramcyk and Serge Becker is off to a great start. The desirable menu delivers well to high-expectation, proud New York City diners, and the cocktails are inventive and tasty. However, the scene in El Jockey, the lounge downstairs, overrides the night offering a cooler, swanky yet still casual/cozy environment. The restaurant upstairs is packed with men aka vultures in suits who have most likely traveled up from Wall Street to cool down with a nice margarita. I haven’t seen this many guys travel in a pack since Brother Jimmy’s BBQ.  It seems that everyone is looking around to see who they can prey on or who is who instead of focusing on their meal or company. Yet, there isn’t much to see.

I recommend dining at Super Linda after 9 p.m. when the music starts flowing. The ceviches, shared plates and sides are a perfect way to enjoy all the flavors on the menu without overdoing it. I loved the Croquetas which seem like a simple, customary dish , but the smoky flavor and soft crunch make it one of the the best I’ve had. The Ceviche Verde has an atypical presentation since it is paired with Tomatillo sauce yet it is outstanding and flaky. The Sweet Potatoes and Fried Brussels Sprouts are both so sweet  you’d think you were tossing back a candy snack. Overall, I was pleased with the service and the menu, but the vibe wasn’t as exciting upstairs as I was hoping. Perhaps the downstairs lounge is the way to go which is not a problem since they serve both the Croquetas and Ceviche Verde …you’ll just have to sneak down some sweet potatoes.


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