Tertulia Cafe-Bar-Restaurante

Tertulia, a Latin word for an informal social gathering, is exactly what this two-week-old restaurant displays. Once past the overly populated, narrow bar the spacious room feels more like a relaxed party. The tall communal tables and cozy booths sit right in front of the open kitchen, revealing Boqueria’s ex-chef Seamus Mullen at work. Colorful square tiles dispersed above the booths, earth-toned tiled floors and  the exposed brick creates a similar look to a Spanish outdoor patio. The menu consists of traditional Spanish tapas such as pan con tomate and ham croquetas, but also offers modern small plates such as lamb meatballs, crab toast and a sugar snap pea salad. Dishes are easily sharable between 3-4 people and enough for each to grab a fair taste. Wine on tap = good move! Surprisingly, the food is light (even after several plates) and very refreshing! Go here to grab a bite with some good friends for a fun night.

***p.s. Really impressed with the food for a two-week old restaurant…but they are still working out some kinks with the service and seating.


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