The Breslin Bar & Dining Room

There is really no other way to put it: The Breslin is off the chain! Chef April Bloomfield (famous for her burger at The Spotted Pig) is all about the meat, flavor and butter. Her lamb burger here is cooked medium-rare and so juicy that the tough sourdough bread moistens and provides a perfect crunch-to-tender contrast. It’s served on a hefty cutting board and paired with thick-cut, salty fries in a gold tin. The low black-tiled ceilings, black leather booths and black posts create a sleek ambiance. Plastic animal knicknacks such as pigs, zebras and cows hide in nooks and corners adding to the meaty-themed decor. People come to wine, dine and stay for a while; everything is so enjoyable that no one wants to leave! The Breslin offers what most restaurants in New York City do not: a brunch equally as amazing as it’s dinner. Couldn’t love this place anymore and def one of the only places I would be thrilled dining at for breakfast, lunch and dinner in one day (too intense)? Can’t stop won’t stop.

***Feeling risky? Try one of the Chef’s Table dinners which includes a Suckling Pig dinner where you can dig into a whole hog ($75 pp) OR the Lamb dinner ($95 pp). Don’t forget about sister restaurant The John Dory Oyster Bar!