The Brindle Room

Passing by The Brindle Room, you’d think it’s a typical East Village bar; however, the culinary brunch offerings are mouth-watering.The shrimp and grits flipped my world upside down. WOW! Could this combination of sautéed shrimp and cheesy flavored grits hit it off any better? Surprisingly, the baby caramel doughnut is light and not overwhelmingly sweet. I actually could have dipped it in sugar, but those who don’t have a strong sweet tooth would definitely appreciate it. The potato chip frittata looked fun, immediately giving me orders remorse, and the well-acclaimed burger is a class favorite.

The space is long and awkward and looks almost like a bowling alley. The tables are high-tops and there is nowhere to rest your dangling feet which makes things get weird real fast. Although, The Brindle Room’s set-up is a bit bizarre, they make the space work and please their customers. It’s crazy how this tight restaurant packed in with tables can also offer a quiet setting. Come here to grub, hang with your bros or for a nightcap with the lady.


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