The Dutch

Shrimp & Fried Green Tomatoes at The Dutch

Hot hot hot! This new hotspot from Andrew Carmellini is probably one of the most hyped and buzzed about restaurants this summer. The scene: chek! It definitely delivers with a cute oyster bar at center overflowing with late 20/30 year-olds hovering and sipping cocktails. The scene wins over the food…but not your wallet. The large floor-to-ceiling windows wrap around the whole restaurant, and there are big circular light fixtures hanging down from the ceiling.

Having never ordered a “pot pie” (yes, I’m from the South), I made the executive decision to go for it and was impressed that it was not heavy, overwhelming or too filling. Seafood = fresh as can be, but the deceiving large bowl was only about one-fourth full -more lobster please! All in all the chef does a great job turning comfort food into lighter “attackable” dishes.  If you want good service surrounded by fun, light-hearted people: go here! If you are willing to spend this kind of cash, but strictly want the best meal of your life, try AC’s other restaurant Locanda Verde first.


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