I was fortunate enough to attend a preview dinner at Tortaria, the Mexican-style sandwich and tequila bar which opens to the public tomorrow on Monday, Jan. 30. The casual restaurant is located right below Union Square selling made-to-order guacamole with perfectly salted chips and authentic tortas served on semolina bread baked by Parisi Bakery. You place your order at the front counter and you can also grab a margarita or beer at the bar. Tortaria does an incredible job creating a fun and exciting atmosphere, and it doesn’t feel like a typical fast food order-at-the-counter rushed joint. You can sit and stay for as long as you please while enjoying affordable sandwiches and good company. I love the light blue coloring, benches and tiled floors. The chicken torta explodes with flavor and the spicy black bean layer adds a kick. All of the ingredients are paired just right and the corn on the cob is definitely award-winning. Tortaria is a great place to relax, down a marg and some Mexican comfort food with friends and will also be a go-to lunch spot for those who work in the area and students. Can’t wait to go back and try the red snapper and grilled cheese tortas!

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